Ralesizo Adventures - Cover

New demo available!

It's being a long time, but here it is: New Ralesizo Adventures demo just in time for Christmas! Click here to download.

New controls added, now you can fly on some spaces with O if you're using keyboard or Y if you're on Xbox Pad.
This version is near to the final release as you will see. Revised interface, usable items, world map... and more things. Remember, if you find bugs don't hesitate to tell us.
Ralesizo team wish you a Merry Christmas!

Review en

Ralesizo on the net

First blog reviews for demo start coming., a spanish videogame review site, is the first one which made a review on the demo in their PC section, you can see what they think about in this post.

From develop team we are so happy people liking the demo even if it's a work in progress, and we continue working hard to add new areas and enemies, and varied stages.

Will keep in touch!

enemy 2

Enemies: Blue FireBug

Residents of several regions of the world, they are so territorial and don't like visitors, sometimes they turn agressive and spit fireballs to 'intruders'.

They are usually blue, but in some zones they have different colors, and other abilities. A rumour outthere about some being bigger than others is known, but it's just a that, a rumour.
Perhaps it's not.

Maybe it doesn't looks like that, but the care about their hair, they clean and brush it in good shape. They're such a primps.

Ralesizo Adventures - Cover

Android demo ready

A few tweaks before, the demo for Android devices is ready to play. Get it here.

Control scheme is the same as a Xbox360 pad or similar:
Joystick - move, X - run, A - jump and B - action.

Due to the huge amount of mobiles and tablets with different screen resolutions, maybe it doesn't look perfect on each device. If this happens to you, let us know with a comment on Twitter or send us an email, both links are on the Contact section.

Enjoy it!

Ralesizo Adventures - Cover

First demo available!

Ralesizo Adventures demo is finally ready! Click here to download.

Controls are easy,
W, A, S, D to move, LShift to run, Space for jump and P for actions.

If you use a Xbox360 gamepad or compatible, controls are:
LS - move, X - run, A - jump and B - action.

You may find bugs or weird things, if that's the case, you can tell us on the Twitter account or send us and email to the link at the Contact page so we can fix it ASAP.

Thank you for playing!